Virtual CFO


Virtual CFO

Access to Financial controlling and management accounting when you need it, helping you make the decisions to get ahead.

At By the Numbers we can help identify areas of your business that can be improved, including:

  • Cash flow

  • Budgeting

  • KPI implementation & analysis

  • Staff productivity

  • Optional Monthly & Quarterly Management Meetings

We can also meet with you on a regular basis, either Monthly or Quarterly to discuss and plan performance. At these meetings we’ll typically discuss:

  • Management reports

  • Establishment of KPIs

  • Establishment of Budge Forecast & Performance targets

  • Reporting & KPI analysis

  • Analysis of budget reporting

Ideal situations and key indicators that you may require a part time/virtual CFO include:

  • Your business is rapidly expanding but no financial controls have been implemented

  • A finance professional is required, but you can’t afford or don’t need full time support

  • You want to focus on what you do best and want a partner to create financial value

  • When you feel like there is a lack of visibility or a lack of control in the business

  • Sudden business changes mean you need interim CFO support

  • Decisions are often on made “gut feel” without full financial knowledge of the implications

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