Tax Planning, Consultancy 


Tax Planning, Consultancy

Do you feel like your accountant works for revenue and not for you? Want to minimize your taxes? You need a plan! We work with our clients to implement proactive tax reduction strategies to help minimizing your taxes burden.

Brady & Associates offers innovative tax planning solutions customized to your individual situation, we go beyond simply completing and filing your tax returns, we develop proactive strategies aimed at lowering both your present and future tax payments.

  • Evaluate the Best Business Entity type for your present and future tax situation

  • Review prior tax returns (up to 3 years) in order to identify potential errors or missed opportunities.

  • Review of a wide range of Tax Strategies including Medical, Income Shifting, Expense Acceleration, Retirement, Employing Children, profit extraction.

  • Identify Tax strategy that you can implement immediately or in the near future.

  • On-Going quarterly Tax Reduction Planning meetings with clear Action Plan items to identify which Tax Reduction Strategies are best for your current situation.

  • We work for you not for the Revenue as a result, we are continually looking for ways to minimize your taxes throughout the year. If you want to pay the lowest amount of taxes allowable by law, contact us for a Free Mini Tax Planning Session.