Content Creators

More and more people are starting to make their own way online. There is a huge rise in recent years of bloggers and YouTubers that are finding financial success doing something that they love. People who do this for a living may think that they do not have any need for accounting services, but the reality is that they do need the help. There are so many different aspects to the tax code that they need to be aware of that having a knowledgeable accounting firm like Brady Associates can be an asset to your business.

Here are some ways that accounting firms can help your YouTube or Blogging career:

  • Business or Individual Tax Preparation

  • Tax Planning and Strategies

  • Forecasting and Estimate Preparations

  • General Ledger Updates

  • Income Statement Generation

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • Payroll

  • Financial Analysis

  • Business Management Services

These are just some of the services that we have to offer those self-employed social influencers that need financial help for their business.

Why should you hire an accountant as a YouTuber or Blogger? One reason has already been mentioned. You likely have not been paying taxes on your income along the way, so getting help at tax time is going to be especially important for you. This helps to ensure that you pay only the taxes that you need to so that you can keep more of your profits. If you are generating a decent profit from these sources, the right accountant can be a great investment for your business. You will also need an accountant to help you grow your business. While a lot of the business can come from having subscribers or add revenue, major YouTubers and Bloggers can earn a lot more income from selling products to their customers. This will involve in managing cash flow so that you can buy items to resell them for a profit. Accountants can help create a better budget to maximize your profits.

Lastly, having an accountant to manage your finances for you allows you the freedom that you need to focus on your YouTube channel or blog. This is a field that is especially dependent on creating high quality content, so you will want to have as much focus on this as you possibly can. If you are being bogged down by numbers, especially if you are not an expert when it comes to the financial world, you are taking away valuable time that you could be using on creating the best possible content.

As you can see, an accountant can be a great asset to your online business. Brady Associates keeps up with the latest trends in the financial industry, so we know how to best maximize your income. We know the ins and outs of every aspect of the financials that this new online industry can benefit from, which is information that will help you find more success in your career. Contact us today to see what services we can offer you so that you can be even more successful.