Make sure to enter your VAT number on your Amazon account

If you are making business purchases on Amazon, make sure you enter the VAT number of your business on your amazon account. This means that UK and EU suppliers will not charge VAT to Irish customers reducing the overall purchase price.

Many businesses don't realise that they can reclaim UK/EU VAT on items they've already purchased through the Revenue Online System (ROS) but the process is time consuming and long winded. The best way to avoid paying UK or EU VAT is to give your Irish VAT number to your supplier before paying for the goods. This way the supplier can zero rate the VAT and reduce the cash outlay for your business. This applies to both the UK and the EU transactions but if you are using Amazon for business purchases, the most efficient method is to update your VAT number in the account settings so that VAT is automatically removed from the transaction when you go to check out.

We suggest using a separate Amazon account for business and personal use as once you update your VAT number on Amazon,VAT will be removed from all your transactions including personal ones.

To update your VAT number on Amazon, click on "Your Account" and click on the link that says Manage VAT Registration Number

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Brendan Brady